Philosophy & Approach Primoris Academy was established on the firm belief that school should fuel, not stifle, a child's curiosity. We also believe that a learning environment befitting their level incites children to perform and develop at their true potential. Therefore, at Primoris, students are placed based on ability rather than by age, and experiential learning is at the core of our approach. Our program provides: early exposure to all subjects (e.g. world history, foreign language, ...


In evaluating each candidate, the Admissions Committee considers many factors throughout a holistic review process. Overall, we look for individuals who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and passion; an innate drive to learn, explore, question, and tinker; and creativity or inventiveness. We do not rely solely on grades, IQ tests, or other standardized testing. We evaluate the candidate’s fit for and potential contribution to the distinctive Primoris experience. To be considered for admission, ...

Primoris Awards and Accomplishments

Primoris Academy students have multiple ways to showcase their understanding, skills, and analysis of their learning. One way is through team-based competitions. This optional involvement is an extension of the class curriculum that focuses on developing critical thinking, systems and design thinking, and logic thinking as well as team collaboration. A subset of their noteworthy accomplishments includes: Math AMC 10/12, AIME, USAJMO, USAMO 2018-2020 M...

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English/Language Arts

While fundamental concepts such as spelling and grammar are incorporated into our instruction, English/Language Arts courses are built on discussion, debate, and argument construction and defense. Students read and respond to a variety of complex texts throughout their course of study, as well as learn multiple writing styles to express both creative and analytical viewpoints. Students begin with foundational literacy, phonics, and handwriting, as well as exposure to text in supporte...

Fine and Visual Arts

Fine/Visual Arts instruction focuses not only on the physical making of art but also the palpable impact and experience of art and artists on our world. Students learn about the diverse periods in art history and art from across the globe, where they are exposed to both Western and non-Western art. The works from the prehistoric days of early civilization to the bustling modern world of the 21st century are all explored in order to offer critical insight into the humanities. Applications...


From our youngest levels, students will engage with social studies and historical themes as a part of our core curriculum. Students will begin by understanding their place in the world and in their community through different elements of geography and mapmaking, as well as identifying and understand the elements that make up a community. Students then move to study ancient cultures by examining given documents of varying forms of media (art, photographs, maps, articles, etc), to understand how h...

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Students will begin their mandarin instruction through engaging songs and games, while progressing to Pinyin (English alphabet) writing of Mandarin words and ultimately character writing. Students also engage in conversational mandarin throughout their instruction, while also learning about cultural and historical elements. In the past, students have taken the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Chinese Proficiency Exam at their request. Inquire


With a strong focus on mental math and number sense concepts, Primoris Academy students are introduced to practical applications in mathematics at a young age. Through discussion, group work, and problem-solving, students will engage in mathematical concepts in both designed and real-life applications. Instruction is built for students to understand the WHY of math, rather than rote calculation sequences. Students continually practice the following skills: Logical Reasonin...

Programming and Robotics

The Programming and Robotics course sequence is designed to encourage students to apply logical reasoning and problem solving. Students are introduced to coding through MIT's Scratch program and progress writing code in Python. In addition, students apply their coding to accessible robotics platforms such as Lego Mindstorm and Wonder Workshop. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the First Lego League robotics club and the American Computer Science League competitio...


Science instruction follows a hands-on interactive approach throughout all elementary levels. Students engage in a variety of complex, scientific topics derived from multiple fields of study (astronomy, biology, ecology, geology, physics, chemistry, engineering, etc.). The scientific method and engineering design loops are practiced throughout all studies in these courses, and students create their own experiments to test concepts starting at a very young age. Students begin by exp...


School Programs PRE-SCHOOL Ages 4-5 A joyful, encouraging start to the learning journey Learn More → ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL Ages 6-12 A lively and exciting environment for continuous exploration, growth, and confidence-building Learn More → HIGH SCHOOL Ages 13-18 An incubator of passionate young people, abundant creativity, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities Learn More → Programs Open to the Public (No testing required) ...

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Elementary and Middle School

In elementary and middle school, we set the stage for well-rounded development and a lifelong love of learning. Curriculum-wise, a strong core of humanities and STEM subjects is complemented by foreign language, arts, and numerous other enrichment classes. Unlike most other elementary schools, Primoris does not use a single-teacher approach to instructing across multiple subjects. Each subject is taught by a different teacher, i.e. a subject matter expert! Additionally, we emphasize mast...


At Primoris, we understand that early childhood education is fundamental to your child’s growth and development. Consistent with our philosophy for the rest of our school, our pre-school is designed to encourage curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving. Our program provides children the skills and structure they need to succeed in their elementary school years and beyond. Apply now To Elementary and Middle School →

High School

A different kind of school Our high school is a close knit cohort of mature, driven peers who challenge and collaborate with each other. Supported by faculty who match their curiosity and passion, students continue to explore widely and delve deeply; to hone their tools for rigorous intellectual inquiry and self expression. Delve deep into problems that fuel your passion Learn how to make an impact in the community and the world Get in the driver seat in our op...

Music and Performing Arts

Music instruction concerns performance, as well as theory and composition. All students are required to learn a string instrument (violin or cello), which accounts for half of the music instruction. Students also engage in ensemble music, where their personal skills and talents are incorporated, and are given multiple opportunities for individual and group performance throughout the year. We also offer opportunities in musical theater. Inquire

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How do I arrange for a tour? After submitting an application, you will receive an email or phone call inviting you to make an appointment for an individual tour. Is there an application deadline? Primoris Academy has rolling admissions (for K-3rd) so there is no deadline to submit an application. What is your tuition? At Primoris, our students are placed into classes based on their ability instead of by age. Therefore, the final tuition amount depends on which class the child is placed in. What ...