High School

Primoris Academy

Our high school is a close-knit cohort of mature, driven peers who challenge and collaborate with each other. Supported by faculty who match their curiosity and passion, students continue to explore widely and delve deeply; to hone their tools for rigorous intellectual inquiry and self-expression.

YEARS 1-3 In Years 1-3 of high school, students continue the “4+1” schedule (4-day regular, 1-day elective) but take on a double science course load. All Year 1 courses are advanced honors courses, and APs are completed in Years 2-3. Our high schoolers also have a greater number of extracurricular competition opportunities, from chemistry olympiads and engineering competitions to art and writing contests.

YEAR 4 Due to our accelerated curriculum, students are projected to fulfill all high school requirements by the end of Year 2 or Year 3. Upon successful completion of all academic requirements, students spend their final year or two taking part in experiential learning opportunities such as research, internships, and creative projects, alongside supplementary coursework that includes business and writing classes. Students also have the option to enroll in for-credit college courses.

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