High school

Ages 13-18 An incubator of passionate young people, abundant creativity, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

A different kind of school

Our high school is a close knit cohort of mature, driven peers who challenge and collaborate with each other. Supported by faculty who match their curiosity and passion, students continue to explore widely and delve deeply; to hone their tools for rigorous intellectual inquiry and self expression.

  • Delve deep into problems that fuel your passion
  • Learn how to make an impact in the community and the world
  • Get in the driver seat in our open studio lab environment
  • Always be at the centre of instruction online or in person

Roadmap to your future

Track 1

All AP courses in years 1 and 2. Next two years spent between Primoris and Fairleigh Dickinson University campuses receiving instruction pursuant to an undergraduate degree.

Track 2

All honors courses in year 1, APs in year 2. Next two years spent research projects and/or supervised internships tailored to accomplish professional learning goals.

Track 3

Traditional high school mastery with double science course load with primarily advanced honors courses in years 1- 2 and APs in years 3 - 4.

Comparison of three high school academic tracks offered by Primoris

What our students say

Get inspired by their stories.

Primoris student testimonial headshot


Johns Hopkins University

The opportunities are endless.



Primoris Academy is synonymous with innovation. Overall, the courses are very challenging but the school allows the students have a voice in their learning. The opportunities for learning are endless. The teachers here help spark curiosity, ignite passion, and teach you to become lifelong learners and thinkers. Also, the friendships I made here are one of a kind.

Primoris student testimonial headshot

Josh Kindler

University of Chicago

In my six years of enrollment, Primoris Academy gave more to me than I ever could have imagined.

Primoris student testimonial headshot


Vanderbilt University

It's truly a special place.

Primoris student testimonial headshot

Gabriele Herr

Current student

As a student, this school is the best school ever! Really nice teachers, no bullying problems at all, extremely advanced, even innovative Wednesdays, where there are electives and you can choose your own classes! Awesome school! I wish I could rate it 6 stars...