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Education transformed

Primoris Academy was established on the firm belief that school should fuel a child's curiosity. We also believe that a learning environment befitting their level incites children to perform and develop at their true potential. Students are placed based on ability rather than by age, and experiential learning is at the core of our approach.

  • Joyful, encouraging start to the learning journey
  • Lively and exciting environment for continuous exploration, growth and confidence building
  • Incubator of passionate young people, abundant creativity, and once in a lifetime opportunities
Our programs
Primoris First Lego League team Lions

A great place to be

Our mission is to foster children into thoughtful, inquisitive individuals with bold aspirations. Owing to a joyful, personal, and open education, our students will take natural interest and leadership in their school, local, and global communities.

  • Early exposure to all subjects
  • Frequent cross curricular connections & activities
  • Extensive extracurricular and enrichment programs
  • Team based competitions, interactions with field experts
Middle school students

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