Elementary and Middle School

Primoris Academy

In elementary and middle school, we set the stage for well-rounded development and a lifelong love of learning. Curriculum-wise, a strong core of humanities and STEM subjects is complemented by foreign language, arts, and numerous other enrichment classes. Unlike most other elementary schools, Primoris does not use a single-teacher approach to instructing across multiple subjects. Each subject is taught by a different teacher, i.e. a subject matter expert! Additionally, we emphasize mastery over test scores.

Beyond academics, students develop routines, habits, and characteristics that reinforce a positive learning environment, such as personal responsibility, teamwork, and perseverance.


  • Advanced core subjects: Reading/Language Arts, History, Math, and Science
  • Physical Education, Mandarin, and Intro to STEM (lower elementary) or Robotics/Coding (upper elementary-middle)
  • Instrumental Music and Art (combined art history & studio work approach), 2x a week each


On Fridays, dubbed “Innovative Fridays,” we offer a wide range of electives for students to discover and cultivate their passions. Innovative Fridays are so called not only because they are innovative in nature, but also because they encourage innovation in students—these electives inspire students to apply their knowledge, explore different perspectives, make connections, and think outside the box.

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